Not only is it unfair having our animals locked up all day while you're at work, it can also cause great damaged to your furniture when boredom strikes. 

Dog runs are the ideal solution for unattended dogs during the day. Our dog runs are designed to keep your furry friend safe and fit. 

For our dog runs, we use tongue and groove boards to clad the exterior - this provides excellent weather protection and is sure to keep dog(s) warm and dry in even heaviest of downpours. 

We all love adventurous dogs, even though they can often be a little too adventurous for their own good. 

Our dog runs allow your beloved pet to burn off some energy away from the dangers of the road.  

Our careful construction combined with quality  materials, which means that your animal(s) won't making any improvised bids for freedom anytime soon. 

Simply make sure the two main doors are secured and enjoy the peace of mind that your best friend s safe and secure. 


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